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I've put some of my most popular content together for you.

It's easy now for you to find popular podcast episodes AND Facebook lives. After all, who doesn't want life to be easy?

Money Mindset Mastery

I'll share with you the 3 keys to Money Mindset Mastery then guide you through a short hypnosis in this 1 hour masterclass.

This is a recording of a live event. 

Relax and Release

2 classic and favorite hypnosis audios to relax and release stress.

BONUS: An audio of the relaxing breath. Begin conditioning your body to relax, today. 

1:1 Breakthrough

Experience a process that allows you to release the self-limiting beliefs, habits and behaviors that are holding you back on a subconscious level. The signature breakthrough is for clients who are ready to breakthrough the invisible barrier holding them back. 

It’s time to break through to your next level of success.

Golden Gift of Peace

Golden Gift of Peace is a 30 minute guided hypnosis for releasing fear and feeling peace. 

Self-Love Breakthrough

Creating a life you love requires confidence and a strong sense of self. If you want more money, more success, or better relationships, click below for the details. This workshop includes a deep, powerful hypnosis that you can benefit from over and over again!

ILLUMINATE: Discover the Keystone to Success

In ILLUMINATE I reveal the keystone of success and how to use it. 

ACTIVATE: Harness the subconscious for success.

2-Part Masterclass on ACTIVATING  your subconscious mind.

Summer Solstice Hypnosis Experience

Summer Solstice signifies a transition into nourishing what has been planted.

Autumn Equinox Hypnosis Experience

Autumn Equinox symbolizes a time of harvest. This can be a physical harvest or achievement of goals. Join me in this 1 hour group hypnosis experience. Go within and express gratitude for what has been and is being received. 

Lion's Gate Hypnosis Experience

Lion's Gate Portal occurs when Sirius is aligned with earth. It is a time of epic manifestation and is on 8/8. Enjoy this group hypnosis experience any time of year. 

Spring Equinox Hypnosis Experience

Spring Equinox symbolizes a time of planting seeds. Setting intention and aligning the subconscious to allow it to grow is a powerful combination. Purchase the replay now. Replay will be available by 5 p.m. CDT 3/20/23

Master Pain Management Hypnosis

Learn a systematic approach to individualized hypnosis sessions that will increase your success as you become an expert in hypnosis for pain.

6 Essentials for a Profitable, Aligned Business PDF

Have you been seeking the essentials to build a simple, sustainable, and profitable business? Being new to entrepreneurship has its challenges. Allow me to simplify it for you!

Waters of Strength and Comfort

Use the natural ability of the brain to create new neural pathways to create strength and comfort. 

Aligned Business Mentorship

To learn more about the Aligned Business Mentorship, go HERE.

NGH-Approved Basic and Advanced Hypnosis Certification Bonus Area

Join my LIVE, virtual professional hypnosis certification training.  In this National Guild of Hypnotists approved course, you’ll learn basic and advanced techniques and skills to help your clients see real, life-changing results. 

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