Master Pain Management Hypnosis

Have you decided to accept the challenge of providing hypnosis to chronic pain clients?

You’ve made a good decision. People are ready for a mind-based solution to pain. But here’s the kicker…

Are you unsure of where to begin?

Maybe you have found yourself asking “What do I do now?” Or thinking “I don’t have a script for that!”

Sometimes it is so EASY and straight forward. But then you have a hard case.

All you want to do is help clients move beyond their pain, fear, and despair that their life will never return to normal. And you feel like you could do so much better.

Sessions on the fly with pain clients don’t go well. No two situations are alike. And this struggle is the last thing you want to bring into session. Your clients are in tune with your confidence in what you are doing. Placebo and Nocebo are REAL. Everything you do matters.

Let me show you how to throw out the guess work and develop a plan based on your client’s needs.

If you’d like to know how and why your client feels pain…

If you’d like a step-by-step assessment to help you make a plan…

If you’d like to know how to assess when advanced techniques are needed…

Then Master Pain Management Hypnosis is the answer.

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