Lion's Gate Hypnosis Experience

Lion's Gate Activation: Tap into the Power of the Celestial Portal

Access this 1-hour masterclass replay where we dive into the mystical energies of the Lion's Gate portal. The Lion's gate 'window' begins around July 26th, peaks on 8/8 and ends 8/12. Set against this backdrop of the annual cosmic alignment of the star Sirius, this masterclass offers a unique opportunity for personal growth, manifestation, and spiritual awakening.

In this masterclass, we will guide you through an activating hypnosis session designed to help you tap into the potent energies of the Lion's Gate. Through deep relaxation and visualization techniques, you will align your consciousness with the celestial energies and unlock your inner power.

Key Highlights:

- Learn about the significance and symbolism of the Lion's Gate astrological event.

- Understand the cosmic influences and how they can impact your personal journey.

- Experience a profound hypnosis session to connect with the energies of the portal.

- Harness the transformative energy to manifest your intentions and unlock your potential.

Whether you seek clarity, healing, abundance, or spiritual expansion, this workshop offers a sacred connection for you to embrace the Lion's Gate energies and ignite positive change in your life. Don't miss this opportunity to access the gateway to personal transformation!

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